Summer Charity

2024 Summer Family Movies Series
Sponsored by BANKCDA

The Hayden Cinema is once again giving away thousands of Summer Movie Passes to non-profit charities that would be interested in selling tickets and keeping 100% of the sales for their group.  This summer we are combining our two locations (Hayden Cinema and Sandpoint Cinemas) to offer 11 weeks of movies at both locations with 20 different movie titles. Customers can use the pass for all listed movies at both locations.  

We will donate 100 passes to your group to sell.  This year we are increasing the suggested donation to $5-$10 per pass. Without the pass, movies will be $1 each.

If you sell all 100, then we would be more than willing to give you more if we have any left.

Our Goal: Provide as many organizations with an easy way to raise $500-$1000. We are giving out 7,000 passes for 150,000 trips to the movies in North Idaho. If all passes are sold at $10 each, that would $70,000 collected.

The Hayden Cinema has the sole determination of which groups to accept if we have more than 30 requests. We truly hope that we can accommodate everyone.

Simply sign up and we will email you when the passes are ready. We do ask that you return any unused passes as soon as you can so we can re-distribute those to other groups.

These passes are for individuals and families to buy.  They are not to be sold to daycares, camps, or or other large groups. We offer different specials for large groups and do not want to take up all the seating in our general audience screenings with daycares.  For Daycares and camps they can contact the theater and we will try to set up a separate screenings for them.